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  • Better patient care when PCP and LAc team up Case II


    Eric, 52 Taiwanese, came to my clinic with acute pain and swelling in his leftt ankle that has been going on for 3 weeks. He recalled that all symptoms occurred after he played a bit of badminton. However, he did not notice that he sprained his ankle during a game until he felt pain the next morning. The pain and swelling was so intense that he had to go to the emergency room. The ER doctor diagnosed his foot issue as a minor sprain based on x-rays showing no fratures whatsoever. He was sent home with some pain killers and crutches for three weeks.

  • Better patient care when PCP and LAc team up

    Richard, a 55-year old white gentleman, came to my clinic with severe pain and swelling in his left foot that has been ongoing for four months. He was diagnosed with some kind of "infection" by his family doctor and recommended to take a course of antibiotics which seemed to have helped withe some of the swelling. He was later referred to a podiatrist who offered a cortisone shot which did not offer much relief.

  • Father, mentor, friend...

    There are many good reasons for me to spend two weeks every year in my village instead of in a seemingly more beautiful place somewhere else in the world.

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