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  • The limit of each medicine...

    ModelOn January 2, Selena, a college student, presented to our clinic with chronic "digestive issues" and tiredness after a long flight from China. She said she just saw a TCM doctor in China who prescribed a lot of Chinese herbs for her digestion after checking her pulses. Hearing that she tends to feel bloated and cold in her "stomach", I decided to do a physical exam on her abdomen. Upon insepction and palpation, there appeared nothing wrong with her upper gastric region. However, her lower abdomen looked quite big as if she was 5 month pregnant. Based on the size, shape, and hardness of her tummy, I believed there must be an occupying lesion in her pelvic cavity.

  • Integrative Sports Medicine Fellowship Spring 2015

    C spineThis unique program is designed for those acupuncturists who want to deepen their knowledge of sports medicine and refine their skills of pain management. Accepted candidates may independently practice at Integrative & Sports Medicine during training and receive reasonable compensation. This is the very first program approved by CA acupuncture board for 450 hours.


  • Integrative Sports Medicine Residency Spring 2015

    case* April 27 through Juliy 3, 2015

    * Close-up learning of integrative sports medicine, pain management, orthopedics, EENT, etc.
    * Earn onsite CE hours on the days you choose (same day hours available upon special request)

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