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He is very patient to listen patient's situation

Our family members went to see other acupuncture doctor whenever we were injured. At one time, the doctor we used to go was not available and we were in a hurry to find one to take the injury one of our family members had, we got Dr. He's name from a friend. Since then, all of our family members went to see Dr. He whenever we need a treatment. Dr. He's treatment does take effect efficiently. He is very patient to listen patient's situation, has accurate diagnosis and the procedures to treat the pain were efficient. We highly recommend Dr. He to whomever needs a recommendation.

I got more than just acupuncture therapy each time...

Quincey W. Sunnyvale, CA 6/4/2010 JJJJJ

Frank is one of the few doctors here who has the capability to combine good elements from acupuncture, chiropractic and sports/rehabitation techniques.  Since he himself is an athlete and continues to play sports, he knows exactly how you feel when you get hurt and he could talk in your terms.
A few weeks back when I saw him in the clinic, I was having a strange pain on my left foot to the point I would sometimes find my foot was "locked" - I could not walk at all when this happened, not even a step!  I could still walk normally otherwise, but would not know when this would occur that I felt like someone placed needles on the back of the foot and I need to hold on something to support me.  When I visited Frank, he knew what it was after a few twists and turns on ankle and leg.  He then put my foot under a therapeutic lamp and let me relax with acupuncture needles (these are real ones, this time) followed by strong hand massage.  In only 30 minutes, I was back to normal and played volleyball that night- no problem in jumping or running- and the "lock" has not occurred again.
Even better is that Frank told me what muscle was the problem and how to avoid injury when I go to play ball again.  I think I got more than just acupuncture therapy each time.

I highly recommend Dr. He's expertise...

Min Y. San Jose, CA 5/30/2010 JJJJJ

I injured my shoulder from falling down in a subway station last Sept. I had gone through all kinds of physical therapy for over half year, but my shoulder pain was getting worse. My life was seriously affected by the limited range of motion of my arm/shoulder. A friend of mine refereed me to Dr. He, who treated me with acupuncture followed by some physical therapy. After 3 treatments, I gained back my full range of motion. I highly recommend Dr. He's expertise in the shoulder injury treatment.

The man knows his stuff...

J T. San Jose, CA 5/26/2010          JJJJJ

Frank is a brilliant TCM/Acupuncture practitioner. Over the years, due to neck pain from an Auto Accident, I have been seeing Frank and Frank's treatments have helped me get through some tough times.  The man knows his stuff...5 stars all the way!!!

I only wish I didn't live so far away!!!

Photo of Stephanie W. Stephanie W. Homestead, FL 5/26/2010 JJJJJ

I recently had the opportunity to study under Dr. He and the expereience was no less than fantastic!  He is a very gracious, talented doctor and I learned alot from him in just the short time I was there.

I had flown in from Florida to attend a 4 day course in MCTand after the long flight my ankles had swollen double in size and were not going down.  Dr. He recommended his MCT  technique and by the next day the swelling was down considerably.  Even with the flight home within 48 hours my legs were completely  back to normal.  I have been using the MCT technique on my husband who has had chronic knee pain for several years and he also has seen a remarkable difference.

The most impressive part of my visit was Dr. He's genuine interest and concern for his patients, his knowledge of sports medicine (anatomy, x-rays, MRIs, etc),his willingness to share his knowledge with others and his encouragement.

Thank you so much for your contribution to the medical practice and your willingness to teach others.  

I only wish I didn't live so far away!!!

Frank is a terrific doctor and a extremely nice person...

lucia b. Sunnyvale, CA 5/27/2010 JJJJJ

Dr. Frank He is awesome!  You just tell him that you fell pain somewhere and he immediately pinpoints with laser sharp precision the affected area.  Then Frank sticks some needles in seemingly unrelated places, leaves the needles there for 1/2 hr or so, and when he removes them the pain is gone! Unbelievable...

Two years ago I was training for a marathon and during a long run I had to stop running because a sudden sharp pain in my groing area.  Since that moment I could not run anymore because of the pain.  Even walking was painful.  After ten days, I went to see my orthopedic surgeon and he told me I had a hip flexor strain.  He prescribed me physical therapy for six week, but at the end of the six weeks the pain was still there.  I went back to see my doc and he prescribed me six additional weeks of PT.  Again, after six week the pain was not gone and I still couldn't run.  In the next few months I went back and forth a few times between my doc's office and the PT facility, but still nothing.  Frustration was growing and I was getting
depressed as I had been unable to run for months...

Fortunately, one day a colleague of mine referred me to Frank's acupuncture practice.  At the beginning I was a bit skeptical, but as I mentioned above, the first time Frank saw me he pinpointed the exact location of my pain and at the end of the first session I was already feeling much better.  In a matter of a couple of weeks, after a few sessions, I was able to run again!

What I like about Frank, besides his kind and gentle manners, is his tremendous medical knowledge.  Lately I've been visiting his office for any kind of medical issue and I trust him so much that I also take my two little girls to see him when they complain about pains and aches.

Frank is a terrific doctor and a extremely nice person.  I encourage you to go see him if you have any "unsolved" medical issues.

Dr. He is unbelievable!

Davide B. Sunnyvale, CA
5/27/2010    JJJJJ

Last year I was training for a half-Ironman competition and as the mileage on the bike was increasing, so was an annoying pain in my neck (yeah, it was really a pain in the neck :)

I tried to manage the pain with painkiller, but none of those pills had a lasting effect:  the pain was back in a matter of few hours.  So I decided to go pay a visit to my doctor who, after having me take some x-rays, concluded that I had cervical arthritis and there was nothing I could do for the pain other than taking painkillers.

Since the idea of taking medications for life was not particular appealing, I thought to give a try to the so called "alternative medicine".  A friend of mine, a pro water polo player, suggested me to go see Dr. He, who over the years had successfully cured many of her pains and aches.  When I went to Dr. He office, after describing my symptoms he immediately located the area where the pain was focused and started sticking needle in my back, legs (!?), shoulders, but none on my neck.  After about half an hour he removed the needles and had me sit upright on a stool.  He grabbed my head, twisted it to the right and to the left (I thought he was about to kill me) and then he told me to turn my head on both sides. I was really scared to do so because that would have triggered a humongous amount of pain, but... I felt nothing.  The pain was completely gone!!

Dr. He explained me in very simple terms the causes at the origin of my pain and why acupuncture helped.  He also prescribed me another session and some exercises with the PT ball to help correct my posture.  After the second session I didn't need further appointments.

Dr. He is unbelievable!  Besides being a great doctor, he's an amazing human being: during my second visit he told me that he was going to China, his home country, to work there for free for about a month to help the victims of a quake that had struck the country around that time.

Trying is believing!

Jason B.  San Jose, CA 9/4/2009 JJJJJ

Frank combined with his knowledge and his healing power are the hidden secret to a thriving life. Frank not only heals, but educates on how to reduce any further complications to one's body and self being without repetitive and ongoing treatments that aren't necessary all without the use of western medicine.  If one could bottle this, there would be 'no reason for doctors, chiropractors or western medicine'! From the moment you first converse with Frank and see the positive effects on you and your body from the first treatment/education, you will know that 'He Cares'!

Trying is believing! I was going to chiropractors for 2+ years, 2 - 3 times per week for my lower/mid back pain, then decided to give Frank a try, through a referral from one of my wife's friends, and after 3 visits and listening to what Frank would say about how to maintain a better, healthier life, I am pain free!

My foot pain was fixed in a couple of days...

Ming Z. Los Altos, CA 9/6/2009  JJJJJ

I had been troubled by foot pain for a year. My family doctor thought it is caused by infection and gave me antibiotics. Antibiotics worked. But the foot pain came back again and again. Finally, I realized that I have to change an idea so that I thought of Chinese traditional medicine. I knew Dr He from yelp. Many his patients gave excellent comments on his work. I visited his office. He quickly gave a very efficient treatment. My foot pain was fixed in a couple of days. By the way, Dr He is a very nice person. He gave me a discount for the medical care when he knew I did not have medical insurance at that time, although I did not ask for the discount.

Foot pain was misdiagnosed...

Ming had a few gouty attacks and antibiotics could not cure his problem...We have successfully diagnosed and treated gout that involves fingers, wrists, knees, ankles, and toes...

I feel very honored to be learning from Frank...

Jenny J. Felton, CA 3/21/2010         JJJJJ

I am writing from the perspective of an Intern in Dr. Frank He's clinic.  I have been following Frank for almost a year now, taking notes and observing and helping where needed.  This opportunity has been one of the most significant influences on my education in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Through watching Frank help people with so many different conditions -including musculoskeletal disorders, colds & flu, allergies, autoimmune disorders, hypertension, dementia, Bell's Palsy, ear infections, and so many more -I have taken a huge leap in my own confidence level for treating patients.  I believe so much more in this medicine now, and am using his techniques in my own practice to gain more effective and rapid results.
I am especially impressed by Frank's needling technique, which is very experienced and gentle and painless.  I am also moved by his ability to work with children so effectively and easily -all of whom leave the office with bigger smiles on their faces than when they came in.  I am much more comfortable working with kids now after observing his treatments with them.  I can see why so many people regard Frank as their first choice for medical needs, and I feel very honored to be learning from someone with such mastery and a good heart.

We know He really Cares :)

Gary G. Fremont, CA 3/7/2010             JJJJJ

I have been a long time friend of Frank and Danling. They have been our family doctor "in fact". Although I have a HMO doctor for annual check up, whenever we have health problems, we would like to get a second opinion from Frank, and when it comes to Chinese Medicine treatment, He is our primary choice.
About two years ago, I experienced back pain due to the long hours of sitting at work. One Saturday night, I was under so much pain that I could not sit down, so I decided to call Frank for help. After listening to my complaining of the back problem, he asked me to come to his home immediately. Upon arriving his house, he gave me massage and acupuncture treatment, and finally my back pain was relieved significantly. That day happened to be my birthday, and I must say Dr. He's treatment that evening was the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT I EVER RECEIVED. On my way home, I kept thinking about the old saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed"...
Just last year, my wife suddenly got bell's palsy at work, and couldn't easily eat, drink, nor close her right eye. I took her to Dr. He's Clinic and with only two treatments within a week, my wife's Bell's palsy symptom got improved quickly, and she was able to fully recover soon afterward, so thanks again to Dr. He's amazing cure and therapy!
I have a daughter and a son, just like Frank and Danling. Naturally, I took these little ones to see Dr. He when they are sick or uncomfortable. In addition to the quick and responsive treatment, Frank also told me some simple but useful health tips on how to take care of my kids' physical well being.
My family and I really appreciate Frank's friendship and his comprehensive medical knowledge and expertise. We will continue counting on him to be our family doctor "in fact" because we know he really cares :) .

It is a privilege for me to learn from someone this talented...

Marianne B. Santa Cruz, CA 3/1/2010                                            JJJJJ

I am a student at Five Branches and am doing an internship under Frank He. So it is from this point of view that I write. I have nothing but positive things to say. He is an incredible practitioner. I feel like every week I see at least one miracle. Truly.

Many of his patients come in with pain that is effecting their life in negative ways and they get profound relief with one or two treatments and are well on their way to healing with a few treatments. He has helped patients with rotator cuff injuries, sprained ankle, frozen shoulder, trigger finger, tendinitis, arthritis, etc. And while sports injury is his speciality, he treats much more than that - he has also treated people with allergies, Bell's palsy, stroke, depression, hemorrhoids, migraine headaches, asthma, cold symptoms, sleep apnea and more. It is a privilege for me to learn from someone this talented.

Frank was gentle, funny, thoughtful, respectful, and very calm

Miriam W. Santa Clara, CA 2/23/2010             JJJJJ

OK, so so far I have had a limited experience and plan to go back for more integrative wellness, but here's my experience so far:

- I came in on Saturday Grand Rounds with both Dr. Frank He and a doctor visiting from China. I was a "free" patient, ie, for free care I was a teaching patient that both doctors examined and treated in front of a classroom of students. Considering all the health issues I've been through, it was mildly humiliating but nothing compared to the burden of physical pain I've had in my life.

- Some class members were thoughtful and respectful. Others were belittling/judgemental, because I'd obviously been a patient of Western medicine and therefore walked in with a litany of medical treatments, drugs, etc.,. Obviously it's a classroom so I signed on for that but just wanted to warn you there can be some negative bias from the students.

The doctors themselves were perfectly well behaved. ;)

Now, to the good stuff:

- In the treatment, Frank was gentle, funny, thoughtful, respectful, and very calm, which made me very calm. He put needles in my legs which was scary, since I'd always been afraid of acupuncture. I felt nothing special during the session (they send electric current through the needles, very mild) and he joked that by the end of the day - I wouldn't need the ice packs and icy hot and everything I'd been using daily, several times a day, since getting hit with sciatica and second stage degeneration that was acting up with my rehm. arthritis in my lower two vertabrae.

- He was right - by the end of the day all the pain, tension, shooting, throbbing, achiness - all of it - was 80% GONE by the end of the day. I was in there in the early afternoon, by the evening, I was feeling SO MUCH better I was in shock. He had me leave the needles in over the weekend. I came in on Monday, feeling AMAZING.

Suffice to say, I slowly fizzled out my chiropractic visits at the Western doctor who basically had me numbing myself and doing some pilates and was selling me herbal vitamins, which would help temporarly then relapse after 2 weeks back into pain moving to some other part of my back or joints, in exchange for reliable, no-pain existence.

Dr. Frank put me on some herbs, which were a lot to take (I'm awful at pills, it's 6x or 8x a day). Things were great. I went on a long trip to Singapore and sat on a plane for 20+ hours and my pain was down to 20% for this chunk of the trip. Once in hot weather, I was doing great. I think I had about 3 or 4 visits total before going on my trip and the results were AMAZING.

Now I'm back and I want to get on a weight loss plan with tai chi / qi gong at the clinic and continue to pursue Eastern medicine - I can honestly say, even though I'm American, I did grow up in Asia and I feel a much more intrinsic, meaningful return on my health investment with Eastern medicine (from massage to acupuncture to herbal baths and meditation) than I have ever felt with Western.

I'll continue on with Dr. Frank and this clinc ... updates as I go forward!

He is really a top notch!

2/21/2010 Alex L. Sunnyvale, CA                 JJJJJ

I began to see Frank back in 1999 when he was teaching at Five Branches College in Santa Cruz. Acupuncture has always been my primary care and I have tried a few teachers over there in their privates and teaching sessions. They were OK until I met Frank at his rounds one day for my knee injury from soccer. He was the first acupuncturist who was able to clearly define my injury as ACL and MCL tear and ordered MRI. Of course, I went for surgery and came back for rehab with Frank as he recommended. I am still playing soccer and running marathon (6th in my life).

In early 2002, my job moved to SJ area. I hated to commute but enjoyed seeing Frank more regularly as he was more available in Sunnyvale(remington back then). My allergy became much worse after I began to work in this area. Frank told me to reduce some mileage in marathon training and take some herbal tea and weekly acupuncture. As he said, about 6 weeks later, I had no trouble breathing and did not have to use allergy meds.

Three years ago, I developed inflammation on my achilles which got pretty swollen. It was three weeks before my race. Frank told me to come in for 3 sessions and run with needles kept in (he calls MCT now). I had to say the two needles in my leg really kept my pain under control. Not only that, my time for the 10K before my race really impressed my peers. I am probably too old and not at the level to explore Frank's technique for enhancement.

Now Frank has become really popular and successful as I expected. He still remains humble and maintains his good sense of humor. I am just thankful that he is still very available to someone like me(unlike some practitioners who keenly grab new patients). I also noticed more students and fellows follow Frank around, that does not bother me at all. It only means I am seeing someone on top of world.

One more thing to mention about my experience with Frank is his office is different those I went to before. I do not know how he develops such sense to make his office look so clean and professional. That's why his office is NOT called "acupuncture..." or "...acupuncture", but "Sports Medicine", that's bold enough!

Dr. He really helped my father a lot!!

2/22/2010 Songsong G. Union City, CA   JJJJJ       

Dr. He really helped my father a lot!! I heard he is famous at pain management. One of my friends is his student who took his trauma class last year. She knew that my father had been troubled with his shoulder and neck for a long time and couldnot work.So she re commended us to see Dr. He. There I saw the miracle thing happended! He was really prefessional to check my Dad's neck and shoulder. Then he made a diagnosis. Couple times treatments, my father felt really better! He helped not my father, also my whole family!! Thank you so much, Frank!!!

Highly recommended!

2/21/2010 Joyce H. Cupertino, CA                                                      JJJJJ

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to share my terrific experience with others. I am an acupuncture student who took trauma class of Dr He last semester. He is the inventor of MCT and a really famous doctor in the bay area. I heard a lot of great feedback from the patients who got  MCT treatments. Sometimes people will not believe until the miracle things happened on themselves. Because of sitting too much, one day morning when I woke up my right hip was really painful. I went to the clinic to ask for help. Dr He gave me a treatment. Only one time treatment with two needles, my hip recovered now.
He's also an excellent teacher who gives us a lot of useful information in his class, not only the knowledge of TCM, but also his experience about how he built up his own business. So if you need help with your health and do not want to miss the most worthy and cherish experience in your life. Go and try Dr he's acupuncture.
Thank you, Dr He
Highly recommended!


His confidence and optimism are truly a blessing...

2/18/2010 J M. Sunnyvale, CA                                JJJJJ 

Over the last 10 years, I have seen Dr. Frank He for quite a few conditions with great success. He cured my chronic eczema first, then a couple of ear infections. I used to have severe seasonal allergy and could not sleep at night. Dr. He was able to use acupuncture and herbs to get it under control and even taught me how to do self acupressure to keep my nose open. My allergy totally went away after a few weeks. Now I can play sports indoors and out.
Two years ago, Dr. He also helped me recover from a serious MVA. I would not have been able to play sports had I not seen Dr. He for the pains in my knee and hand.
By the way, Dr. He was the only doctor who told me that I could continue to play sports. His confidence and optimism are truly a blessing to patients like me. You do not see many doctors that look so fit like himself. Dr. He seems quite active in sports as you can see from the medals and trophies he won over the years.

He's a great doctor!

2/17/2010 Shine H. Sunnyvale, CA                        JJJJJ

Dr. Frank He has been my doctor for 12 years. He treats my common cold, sports injuries,etc. I run a lot so one day Dr. Frank He examined my foot and one of my toes had a Ganglion Cyst. I had to see him two or three times because it kept coming back. After those treatments, it was gone for sure. It didn't hurt at all. He's a great doctor!

I'd like to give Dr. He 10 stars if I could.

2/22/2010 Lawrence z. Cupertino, CA                 JJJJJ

This is the first time I got treated by Dr. Frank He.  
I had  a bad headache and ache in my whole body for a couple of days. My mom recommended me to see Dr. He. (My mom and my brother are Dr. He's patients).  
To be honest, I had never given a try is simply because I was so nervous about the needles.
I'm so glad now and I wish I could have seen him earlier.
Dr. He had put several needles in me without hurting me at all, can you believe that?!.  And later, he did cupping on my back.  I felt releaved and the ache almost completely gone before I left the clinic.
I had my wonderful experience with Dr. Frank He 's acupuncture.
I'd like to give him 10 stars if I could.

I highly recommend you see Dr. He.

Emily J. San Jose, CA 1/26/2010                                        JJJJJ

I've been a patient of Dr. He for the past 10 years. He is very professional, friendly, and caring, and most importantly, he is an extremely talented acupuncturist.
I started to have seasonal allergy about 13 years ago. When it started to get very bad in 1999, I took allegro for that year from beginning of Feb to July. In 2000, when it hit me hard at the beginning of Feb, I thought I'd try something else instead of taking pills everyday. A friend of mine referred Dr. He to me, and I started seeing him for all my problems ever since. I went to see him 3 times a week for seasonal allergy, and for the first 5 times in two weeks, I didn't feel any difference, but after the 6th visit to his office, my allergy was completely gone! If you have seasonal allergy, you know how much you hate it and how it is killing you every year.... It was like a miracle to me that Dr. He actually cured it!
I also had problem with my period which used to last over 2 weeks every month and again after about 2-3 weeks treatment, my period was back to normal.
In 2005, my left thumb started suffering from tendonitis, and I went to see my family doctor who recommended me getting a shot, but I usually don't feel comfortable taking any medications or shots for a cure. The pain started getting worse and worse until finally I couldn't stand it after a few months. Again, I went to see Dr. He. This time, he combined acupuncture and massage of lower left arm and hand, and in just two weeks, my tendonitis was completely cured under his magic hands....
During the years, I have referred Dr. He to many of my friends with various problems, and so far all the feedback from my friends are very positive!
In my opinion, Dr. He is extremely talented, very professional and friendly. I've also seen couple of other acupuncturists during the years when Dr. He was not available, and he's definitely THE best! If you have anything that's causing trouble for you, I highly recommend you see Dr. He.

Samantha did a wonderful job!

Kay S. Palo Alto, CA 1/10/2010                                       JJJJJ

I hurt my elbow when I played golf. I went to see Samantha instead of seeking western treatment. When I had the same problem before and saw my family doctor, he just prescribed NSAID for me which just gave me an upset stomach. Samantha did a wonderful job for me by needling and doing a little bit of massage on my elbow. My pain level was reduced a lot after one treatment.

Dr. He was able to help practically everyone!

Ori C. Palo Alto, CA 1/9/2010                                                                 JJJJJ

I suffered from chronic back aches for 20 years and received many conventional treatments before I saw Dr. Frank He. Within hours after the first acupuncture treatment, I felt a huge relief and after a few more sessions the pain was gone. I am now in better shape and condition that i have been for years, back to full sports activity including physically demanding mixed martial arts.
I referred many friends that had various medical issues and Dr. He was able to help practically everyone. I now take my kids to see him whenever they are sick and his treatments are extremely effective for them as well.
Highly recommended!

Go see Dr. He!

Carmen W. Redwood City, CA 1/9/2010                                                                           JJJJJ

Acupuncture WAS (past tense) not my thing BUT after what Dr. Frank He did for my mom, I realized that I've been dead wrong.  A friend recommended Dr. He to me when my mom was having some chronic back & leg pain - she probably pulled a muscle or something when she was  exercising.  I took her to see Dr. He twice and guess what, no more pain!  I just cannot believe it! Listen, I have to drive my mom almost 150 miles round-trip to go see Dr. He - it was well worth it!  If you need help, go see Dr. He.

Done it right with Dr. He...

1/7/2010         Alex S. Sunnyvale, CA                                     JJJJJ

I first came to Dr. He for a groin injury that had nagged me for 3 months.  Within 2 sessions, the injury began to clear.  Over the years, I've had continuing success with Dr. He's treatment including a serious knee injury.  I'm convinced it was his intervention that prevented long-term cartilage damage and allowed my to fully recover.
I have referred nearly half-a-dozen people to the clinic over the years, all reporting success, sometimes dramatic, and improvement for various ailments.

Dr. He could better relate and treat my injuries

1/7/2010      john y. Santa Clara, CA                                                         JJJJJ

i was recommended to Dr. He by a good friend who had received some pain relief in her wrist after a few acupuncture sessions. for the past 4 years, i have seen Frank off and on for headaches, chronic back pain, shoulder and elbow discomfort.  he even treated my elderly father who had weakness in his leg.
because of his athletic and medical background, i felt that Dr. He could better relate and treat my injuries.

Dr. He & Dr. Zheng

Jane H. Los Altos                                                                                                                              JJJJJ

I have been having shoulder pain for over 10 years and started to develop lower back pain since I started my RN career 2 years ago. I had seek massage therapy and chiropractor for the last 2 years but they were able to give me short term relieves only. I started going to this Sports Medicine center about 3 months ago and find tons of relieve. Both Dr. He and Dr. Zheng are very knowledgeable, they are able to explain to me what causes the pain and aches and are able to treat it with acupuncture, cupping, massage therapy and teach me with strengthening exercise too.

Dr. He is just amusing...

Vienne C. Redwood City, CA 1/7/2009  JJJJJ

I have been Doctor He's patient for the past 5 years and each treatment has been very sucessful. He is a certified acupuncturist with excellent skills. He also is a true gentleman with very good bedside manner. He speaks English and Mandarin. His office takes health insurance and he is very accomodating and sees his patients on a timely manner.  His sunnyvale office opens on Sat. morning too. I like sports and every so often I get injuries. Doctor He has fixed my pulled muscle on my shoulder, my siatic nerve which I can walk again without pain anymore.He also helped with my snoring problem, sore back and headaches. Doctor He is just amusing. !  Thanks Doctor He for fixing all my ailments!! I would highly recommend all my friends to go to see Doctor He.

Nothing is too tough for him...

"Since March of 2008, I have received acupuncture for osteoarthritis in my hands and feet, and rheumatoid arthritis in my right hand and wrist. I have seen very positive results and am delighted with the improvement. It is a pleasure to receive treatment in Dr. He's caring and professional environment."

--- Cynthia Garvey

He really cares!

"Frankly speaking, Frank is the most talented and friendly doctor you will see, no matter you consider alternative medicine as the first or the last step of your medical problem. He has turned my years of sub-health chronic symptoms to my current well-being.

Frank blends the best art of medicine from both East and West. His clinic has both traditional and modern style. He is both professional and friendly. Last but not least, he really cares!"

---Debin Chen


He cares!

"Frank, combined with his knowledge and his healing power are the hidden secret to a thriving life. Frank not only heals, but educates on how to reduce any further complications to one's body and self being without repetitive and ongoing treatments that aren't necessary all without the use of western medicine.  If one could bottle all of this, there would be 'no reason for doctors, chiropractors or western medicine'! From the moment you first converse with Frank and see the positive effects on you and your body from the first treatment/education, you will know that 'He Cares'! "

---The Banera Family


Proud to be his loyal patient since 1997

"I have known Frank and his family for a long time and being his patient since 1997 and all I can say is he is a wonderful acupuncturist/Herbalist, very professional and an amazing person in general, very knowledgeable, dedicated and very assertive in his practice.  My family and all the friends and co-workers I have referred to him have been very satisfied and benefit from his treatments.  I have never met anybody in my life like him and he has impacted very positively my health and my life overall.  My father came to visit me from other country and got sick while here with his asthma and lungs problems and Frank treated him with only a couple of visits, my father was already feeling normal and not to mention the herbs he recommends, are the best, very efficient.  ... He has an awesome team working with him, his receptionist very friendly, his Yoga instructor very good and his massage therapist, needless to say, is simple just the best.  We often discuss in the office that without the massages and Frank's treatment, we would not function the same.  I can go on and on about Frank's practice, but I'd like to conclude, that it is in fact a great pleasure meeting Frank and his wonderful family and a God's gift to know this doctor and be in his hands to trust his care of your health and overall well being. God bless you always Frank."

---Roxana Fiorenza & Fam

He knows what he is doing!

"Frank was my general care practitioner.  His acupuncture techniques
helped me quickly recover from a knee injury. He accurately diagnosed
issues and was able to give me a sensible overview of my options in
cases where he couldn't personally help."

---Jason Levin

Many thanks to Frank

"My family and I have the privilege of seeing Frank, who is an authentic acupuncturist; who has helped me, my family members and colleagues with different health issues, and continues to do so as needed. Personally, he has helped me tremendously by improving my overall health and helped me to increase my personal energy level. I suffer from moderate asthma, and the use of regular steroids had weakened by immune system tremendously. I suffered from colds pretty much all year round; now I have 2/3 colds per year!  Acupuncture allows me to be less dependent on modern medicines and more reliant on natural healing. Acupuncture expedites the healing process - there is no doubt in my mind. If you are looking for help then convince the cells in your body to have faith, and let Frank perform his miracles for your health."

---The Patel family

I love Dr. He

My friend suffered from REALLY bad pain in her butt, and nobody could help, and she was on vicodin for 7 days.  One visit to Dr. He - and her pain was gone in half an hour!! It is very bad that she could not come back for final cure :(